The Lost Arts – The RSVP

IMG_2169 (1)If you have ever planned an event, you know how important receiving the RSVP is.

Do you plan for 10 or 50? Do you spend $50 or $300 on food? Do you have seating for 15 or 150?

How hard is it to respond to an RSVP request?

It’s fairly simple actually –

You get an invitation. You check your calendar. You talk to your family.

Can you go? Yes – you RSVP. Can you go? No – you RSVP.

It ain’t rocket science.

But, apparently, to some people, an RSVP is beyond their skill set.

Why don’t people respond to an RSVP?

Are they waiting for sometIMG_2167 (2)hing better to come along to take up that portion on their activity calendar? Or do they just not care about the person planning the event?

My mother taught me better.

If we had something else planned that day, we would RSVP our regrets. And stick with it.

And for “yes” – Even if I didn’t want to go to Laura’s lame old 10th birthday party that day, I went. Because I RSVP’d I would be there.

An RSVP is an obligation. An RSVP is a promise.

Old fashioned? Maybe.

I think it’s just good manners.


Have you ever planned a party?

Do your prospective guests RSVP? 

Have you ever been disappointed by a party turn-out? 




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12 responses to “The Lost Arts – The RSVP

  1. Some of these basic manners seem to be going by the wayside. Just like writing thank you notes. I would be happy with a thank you email these days. Don’t get me started.

    • karenrsanderson

      Well, Darlene, you are going to have a lot of fodder in the months to come, because I have a series of The Lost Arts. And I agree – some basic manners are going by the wayside. Thank you notes is on my “list.”

  2. Oh my Karen, I’m going to like your upcoming series! A real pet-peeve of mine, although I am guilty of not getting cards out. Geesh, like I don’t have cards on hand.

    • karenrsanderson

      Let me guess – your art cards? I have loads of my own art cards. I don’t know if airing my Lost Arts will do any good, but it sure won’t hurt to remind people.

  3. RSVPs…oh, Karen…don’t get me started! Elizabeth has heard my rants, first hand and second hand. I was the “social chairman” for an organization we both belonged to and had to plan two meals a year for a bunch of folks for whom RSVPing was well-nigh impossible. GRRR…

    • karenrsanderson

      I wonder why we have sunk to not responding (not me, but others) when asked to RSVP? I used to think it was the younger generation, but I now know that’s not the case. I know what it’s like to plan small events and big events and you have to remind and remind….

  4. Audrey A keith

    I don’t know why it seems so hard. That is no excuse, however. Neither is not sending thnks for a gift, but it does seem to much to ask. I think such rude people should not get gifts, but I have never been able to bring myself to go do that.

    • karenrsanderson

      I agree with you Audrey. And I find myself sounding more and more like my Mom when it comes to such things. Like the world is going to h*** in a hand basket. Simple kindnesses should not be overlooked.

  5. You have pressed many buttons here, including mine. There is no excuse for people to not RSVP. It’s only considerate in helping the hostess plan. It’s rude not to! I agree, I used to blame the ‘younger’ generation, but I think there’s just an overall lack of gentility these days. I know my kids’ generation send out most of their invites via e-mail invitations, in which there’s an easy box to hit yes or no. And even with this, many just don’t respond. Urgh!

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