I experienced Devils Tower

IMG_0016There is no other way to describe the trip I took to Devils Tower, WY, except to say I experienced it – I experienced The Tower.

The pictures don’t give you the actual feel of the place, but I’ll share a bunch of pictures anyway.










Special thanks to Frank Sanders, Tina, and Stephanie at Devils Tower Lodge. Between the accommodations, breakfasts, and dinners, I wouldn’t stay anywhere else. I can definitely recommend Devils Tower Lodge, P. O. Box 66, Devils Tower, WY, 82714. 888-314-5267. If you go, stay here.

Franks's Place Devils Tower Lodge

Franks’s Place
Devils Tower Lodge


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16 responses to “I experienced Devils Tower

  1. Your photos are wonderful, Karen. Did you see any signs of …. C L O S E E N C O U N T E R S?? xoxo

    • karenrsanderson

      I did see two pin-prick lights on the Tower one night, but was told it was night climbers. Night climbers. I think the day-time guys are nuts and here we have guys (and girls) doing it at night with headlights on their helmets!

  2. Extraordinary! Going to have to put on my ever-growing bucket list. 🙂

    • karenrsanderson

      You should, Shawn. It’s the sort of place you just want to look at…for hours on end. Which I did.

  3. I would love to see that – I can never forget the iconic mashed tater scene in Third Kind – 😀

    • karenrsanderson

      I saw no mashed taters while I was there. However, I can imagine how one would love to sculpt in anything available. The Tower gives you that sort of power.

  4. This place has got to be on my ‘places to visit’ list!

  5. Audrey A keith

    That place is amazing. We could see it so long before we actually got there that I was beginning to think we would never get there. We were there for a publishing party, and I met so many interesting people from ND, MN, Montana, SD & others.

    • karenrsanderson

      I too met many people from many states, as well as a couple from England – they were so much fun, and we are corresponding still.

  6. Paul

    I visited a number of years ago. I can still feel the stone on my hand as I leaned in and put my palms on the rock. If I remember correctly, it’s what is left after the volcano that was there, was worn away.

    • karenrsanderson

      My understanding of the Tower…it was buried under other rock, and that other rock was worn away, leaving The Tower. Interesting info at the visitor’s center about the formation.

  7. Wow! Amazing pictures. Something everyone should see once.

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