Ditching the website, still The Word Shark

Ditching the website

I’ve decided to ditch The Word Shark DOT com (and the cost).


Because most of my clients come from referrals or my blog, not the website. Most of the traffic on my website comes from “marketing professionals” and “sales professionals” who know the “sure fire way” to turn my site around and make a bigger profit.

Profit margin vs. website cost

Over the last few years, about 95% of the traffic on my website is from scummy, spammy spammers.

100% of my business comes from satisfied customer referrals.

Word of mouth

I don’t need a website. I’ve got a tribe of happy, satisfied clients to plump my pillows at night.

Still Shark

While I won’t be – officially via a website – The Word Shark, I’ll always be YOUR Word Shark.


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12 responses to “Ditching the website, still The Word Shark

  1. It sounds like you have built a great business based on referrals so you no longer need the website. You will always be a word shark in my book!!

  2. Makes good sense. Lean and clean (but not too mean), just as a word shark should be.

  3. Mickey's Malleable Musings

    I’m thinking the only advantage to having a website over a blog would be if you have lots of products to sell. And there may not be enough reason to justify the expense when you could create ads for books, etc. in a side column on your blog. Your decision makes “cents” to me. You go girl.

  4. I just renewed my “official author website” – but last year I downgraded it where it cost me somewhat less than $100 a year, and I see no difference! I keep it because it has all my books, and links to some of my poetry and short stories that were pub’d – and author info, and the old Rose & Thorn info – so, there it stays, sitting there where I forget about it much of the time *laugh*

    It’s a place for readers to find out about books, and my blog not as much 🙂

    • karenrsanderson

      Yeah, my website sort of just sat there too. Though it did get a lot of trolls to send me come ons for increasing THEIR business.

  5. Interesting you should write this. I was just sent a notice to pay for a ‘domain’ site for my first book THE RIGHT WRONG MAN. Waaaa? I don’t need a web site for my books. I have my blog! Good choice, Ms. Wonderful Word Shark. As long as you keep blogging, I’m happy. xo

    • karenrsanderson

      I think a blog is enough. Ditching the website might make a difference in my web searches, but since I don’t get my clients that way, who cares?

  6. This choice makes great sense to me, and I think you’ve thought it through just right. Your excellent work and reputation are enough. You’re da bomb in my book, and yu’ll always be The Word Shark!

    • karenrsanderson

      Thank you, Elizabeth. I did think about it, long and hard. I get more hits here on the blog anyway. And I wanted to keep the awesome banner somewhere!

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