Winter Haiku

I meant to post some winter haiku months ago, but then DT happened…and I got my late-blooming political activist thing going.


Before it’s too late, and the snow drifts melt, here’s some winter haiku for you in the more severe climes. And for those of you in the milder climes, be glad.

*   *   *


Skiing on white caps

White out blinds the shushing eye

Casted leg propped up.



Snow shovels scraping

Driveways and sidewalks cleaned up

Kids break out snow day.



Time for a long nap

Hibernating furry bears

Roly-poly cubs.


For those of you inclined to purchase a book of poetry, my book is available! I have loads of haiku and other personal free-verse poems in this collection, written over decades of life. I hope you enjoy.






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12 responses to “Winter Haiku

  1. Always love your haiku, Karen! No snow here, but it was -3 last night, so winter lingers still. I think I’ve had enough for now – a warm, verdant blush would be most welcome.

  2. Your winter haikus are pretty happy ones, Karen! You have survived a winter of what I call ‘high-top’ snow – very high and you can barely reach the top!

  3. So glad to see those poetry muses stirring, Karen — and what better way to handle the North Dakota winters than with a bit of whimsy! I’ve finally gotten out my funk too – posted a couple of days ago at Heartspoken. Here’s to warming…weather, heads, and hearts…

  4. Paul A Billyk

    I am so enjoying your book. Great job.

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