I don’t want flowers.

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 1.35.15 PM

I don’t want flowers, or a card.

I want real people, real time.

I want you to come to my parking lot and toss a football or baseball,

To meet me at the park and walk, apart, but together.

So I can see you from afar, and take video,

So I can watch it again and again.

I want you to remember me,

Remember I’m lonely and scared.

I want you to know I distance,

because I care about you, myself, and others.

I want you to know I hope to see you again,

that I imagine…

I might never see you again.


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13 responses to “I don’t want flowers.

  1. An excellent poem, Karen. I hope you are doing OK at this scary time. Sending virtual hugs. xo

    • karenrsanderson

      I’m doing fine, so far. I distance, I stay home alone, I wear a mask when out, I walk in the park alone. I miss my kids! I hope you are doing well, oui?

  2. Elizabeth Herbert Cottrell

    You haven’t lost your touch, my friend. You have plumbed the depths of this darned “social distancing” and spoken for us all. Love to you and here’s to better times IN PERSON!

  3. Very nice, Karen. Sending virtual hugs and best wishes.

  4. Visiting family and friends is just as important as ever, even if it’s outside, on lawn chairs, at least six feet apart from one another. Some day we can all hug again. Beautiful poem.

  5. Paul Billyk

    I love you. I like the have a catch idea.

    • karenrsanderson

      Even though I’d just get to watch, take video….or even if they had a catch at home and sent me video, I’d be thrilled. Almost two months now since I saw them.

  6. Spot on. Shared with FB friends.

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