Holiday Dinner

Chicken runs round the farm yard, 

            Wishes he was the duck.

Duck runs round the barn yard, 

            Wishes he was the pig. 

Pig runs round the pig sty,

            Wishes he was the horse.

Horse smiles, relaxes in stall.

            Christmas day, he’ll mourn them all.


Filed under Prose & Poetry, Special Events

12 responses to “Holiday Dinner

  1. And a wicked happy Christmas to you, Karen!

  2. Karoline STOCK

    Ha!! Made me smile 😊. Merry Christmas, Karen🎄

  3. Merry Christmas, Karen. xo

  4. Mickey's Ponderings

    You are wickedly talented. Thanks for the chuckle. Merry Christmas, Karen!

  5. Passed along your poem on FB. Enjoy this unique Christmas, Karen.

  6. Paul Billyk

    You so clever. Love this little ditty.

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