Spring Haiku

Black spots punctuate

Lady bug fluttering red

Teensy feet teek teek.

Bees bumble along 

Garden smorgasbord buffet 

Slurping sweet nectar.

— — — —

You can find these short poems and more haiku for the seasons in my collection, No Boundaries.

Add your own spring haiku in your response!


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6 responses to “Spring Haiku

  1. april showers bring
    may flowers and what do may
    flowers bring – june brides

  2. Karoline Stock

    Groundhogs under my porch
    Digging deep holes
    Wish they were elsewhere

  3. Elizabeth Herbert Cottrell

    Bulbs burst forth in bloom
    Lush new life to celebrate
    Winter’s dark is gone

    Nesting season here
    Joyful bird cacophony
    Soon new life begins

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