Tarot of Dragons – The Proof is in the Dragons

You might think that a shark would never get along with a dragon. You could not be more wrong!  

Shawn MacKenzie and I have been editor pals and commiserating gals for about ten years. Without Shawn, my published poetry collection would not exist. 

Over the years, we’ve worked together on her stuff, my stuff, others’ stuff. Lots of stuff! 

Shawn is the author of The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook, Dragons for BeginnersLlewellyn’s Little Book of Dragons, and the upcoming Tarot of Dragons (about which you’ll be hearing more in the months to come), as well as numerous other fictions and essays.

A dragon-sized thank you to Shawn MacKenzie. Her Tarot of Dragons is highlighted here. 

Shared with permission from MacKenzie’s Dragon’s Nest.

By Shawn MacKenzie

I have spent the past few days in the rich landscape of Dragon Country, going over proofs for the book and cards in my upcoming Tarot of Dragons.

Thanks to the exquisite artwork of Firat Solhan and the designers at my publisher, Llewellyn, I am, quite frankly, blown away. Though still months from actually being able to hold them in hand, I just had to share a sneak peak.


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11 responses to “Tarot of Dragons – The Proof is in the Dragons

  1. Thank you, Karen. 🐉🦈🐉

  2. Oh Karen, I am so excited. My granddaughter is totally into dragons and I love to think dragons and speak dragons with her whenever I can. Got a lot of reading to do with Shawn MacKenzie. Where do I start, do you recommend? Granddaughter EO is about to enter her teen years.

    • karenrsanderson

      Agree on all here…Shawn MacKenzie is THE Dragon Expert. I’ve known her a long time, read all her Dragon books, and I’m Welsh so “Dragon” is in my blood. Definitely and absolutely tap Shawn for Dragon info. She’s got a blog (linked in the article).

    • Annette, thank you for your enthusiasm. For someone your granddaughter’s age I would suggest Llewellyn’s Little Book of Dragons. It’s lighter on the deep-dive scholarship, and even includes a couple of dragon short stories (which, I must admit, were a delight to write).
      Also a couple of dragon pieces on my website (http://mackenziesdragonsnest.com) – for fun.

    • Elizabeth Herbert Cottrell

      Annette, I can vouch for Shawn’s Dragons for Beginners and Llewellyn’s Little Book of Dragons. Both are delightful and opened me up to a world I had never known existed.

  3. Elizabeth Herbert Cottrell

    Hooray for the progress of The Tarot of Dragons! I’m so glad you and Shawn are so pleased with the illustrations. They are, indeed, stunning. Keep us posted!

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