Proofreading Four Pack, Part IV 

With self-publishing comes great responsibility. Whether you self-publish or go the way of an agent/publisher, you want to be sure your manuscript makes it to readers as cleanly as possible and makes sense from Chapter 1 through to The End.

Or perhaps you have an important corporate letter or a letter to the editor you want to send off? Maybe you are writing a school bulletin, family newsletter, or a web page for your new business?

Here’s a handy DIY – the fourth and final part in a four pack of proofreading and copy-editing tip lists.

Can’t afford a professional proofreader? 

Even with my more-than-reasonable proofreading rates, I’ve had several writers say they just can’t afford it. I can dig it! There are other options available for getting your manuscript proofread and edited.

Writers’ group – If you feel you can’t afford a proofreader, join a writers’ critique group in your area. A good writers’ group is invaluable! If you can’t find a group, start one!

Exchange services – With other professionals – I’ll read yours if you read mine. Or trade one service for another. I used to proofread a monthly newsletter for a published writer in New Mexico, and I got a free ad in her newsletter. This exchange was a benefit to us both.

Join Linked In – This is a great way to find other professionals in the publishing industry. There are literally hundreds of groups for writers broken down by genre, e-book vs. print, and a lot of in-betweens.

Join Facebook groups – On Facebook there are pages and groups galore!

Proofreading sites and blogs – Search for sites and blogs that share proofreading and copy-editing tips.

Dictionary Plus – It’s not enough to have a dictionary (or to use an online dictionary). You should have a couple other desk references for grammar and punctuation – like The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation by Jane Straus or Diane Hacker’s Rules for Writers.

Subscribe – Pick one or two magazines that are geared toward writers like Writer’s Digest or The Writer. These periodicals can be worth their weight in gold. If you don’t want to fork over the subscription price, ask for them at your local library.


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2 responses to “Proofreading Four Pack, Part IV 

  1. Couldn’t agree more about writers’ groups. What we do in isolation needs feedback, lest we get stuck in a solitary wilderness.

    • karenrsanderson

      I tried to start a writers’ group up here, but it fell flat. I did meet one person/writer with whom I still exchange messages. It’s nice to have people I can send stuff to (here and around the country!).

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