Blog renaissance 

Shawn MacKenzie’s
“Llewellyn’s Little Book of Dragons”

Blog history 

Years ago, I produced week-long, special-event, promotional blog articles in collaboration with others. 

Over those years, I featured artists, writers, bloggers, other editors and proofreaders, sculptors, potters, graphic designers, jewelry makers, furniture makers, chefs, cooks, crafters, and more. 

The good feels

I felt good doing that. I want to do that again.  

Any time I can lift someone’s spirits – show their art or design or hard work – and share their passion with others, it gives me a warm fuzzy. 

It also helped me grow – in my perceptions and with creatives and their media around the country and the world.  

Resurrecting these partnerships

I would like to resurrect those special moments. Not in week-long events (man, that was a lot of work!), but with special events for anyone who has a book, artwork, or food truck launch or for creatives who simply want to share their special talents with my audience. 

All these blog features will be shared to my FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Contact me

If you are interested in a special-event feature on my blog, use the Contact Form or send an email –


Links to a handful of previous collaborations –  

Emmett Russell – Furniture maker and metal sculpturist – from 2015

Chris Eboch – Myths about writing for children – from 2015

Photographer Rick Heit – Interview with Rick Heit epic photographer – from 2015

Editor spotlight with Darlene Elizabeth Williams – Editor Spotlight – from 2014 

My Main Street with Minot’s Main Street Books – My Main Street – from 2013

Darlene Foster – Darlene Foster, tweens author – from 2013

Elizabeth H. Cottrell – Tools for touching hearts and lives – from 2013

Shawn MacKenzie – You are your words – from 2013


Note – One of my greatest pleasures is when I present a guest in the best possible light. I will take more care with your blog appearance than with my own. I reserve the right to edit your submission.

Another note – This article was edited by Shawn MacKenzie. However, any mistakes that remain are mine. 


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8 responses to “Blog renaissance 

  1. Elizabeth at Heartspoken

    What a great idea? May I share it with select creatives I know? Of course you would always have right of refusal.

  2. Wonderful idea and thank you for the LLBofD plug. 🙂
    May I share?

  3. What a great idea. So generous of you. I’ve sent you a message. xo

    • karenrsanderson

      Darlene – I see your comment and got your message – yes! You absolutely have a spot on the calendar. I’ll send a response via email. Yay!!

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