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Virginia artist Tamika Jones explores color and culture

Jones: The technique that I use for the mask is what I call funnel painting. Yes, a regular funnel and different color paint.

* * *

Virginia artist Tamika Jones explores the imagination with the use of paint, clay, and synthetics. Her love of art stems from her elementary years with projects, art classes, and random drawing. Jones is a cosmetologist, enjoys painting indoor spaces, gardening, is the mother of four, a grandmother, and a motorcyclist. 

My inspiration comes from my urge to want to see how things would look after I see it in my head. My urge to create more happened during covid because staying in the house more was the reality and norm for 2019 through 2021. 

Jones does most of her networking by word of mouth and shares on social media. I first saw her art on the Facebook page of a mutual friend. She has also shown pieces at a women’s conference at her church.  

Jones: The puzzle pieces represent the different shades of African Americans.

* * *

I was always attending church with my mother; having a great family, including church and ministry, is the foundation that keeps me grounded. As an adult, I learned what it truly means to have my own personality; the bigger picture of being comfortable in my skin. I have always been amazed at the different skin tones and hair textures that people have, how they would style their hair, and how hair can change your whole vibe. 

Jones also gives homage to her experience as a cosmetologist – “When someone gets their hair done in whatever style they choose, it helps their self-esteem.” 

She uses canvas, acrylic paint, spray paint, craft rhinestones, wood accents, clay, and synthetic hair. 

Tamika Jones can be found on Instagram as Rvamelaninmom. 


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