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Quick Editorial Tips IV – Stop following my advice

A tool in the tool box

Struggling with advice overload?

I have a few friends who are struggling with “advice” – from other writers, publishers, agents, editors, critiquers, writing group members, bloggers, social networking gurus, marketing specialists…


Don’t follow my advice

No, seriously.

I post Quick Editorial Tips as another tool for writers. I’m not the only tool, I’m not the last tool, and I may not be the best tool.

My editor                            

My editor, Shawn MacKenzie, gives me loads and loads (and loads) of comments, tips, suggestions.

A sharp tool

I consider all of Shawn’s editorial suggestions. I chew on them. I have arguments in my head. I may sleep poorly that night.

What Shawn said

I don’t simply delete the old stuff and insert “What Shawn said” stuff.

Sometimes (*gasp!*) I decide to not take Shawn’s advice. The same goes for any writer/editor exchange or relationship.

It’s not Shawn’s story, it’s my story

I pick and choose Shawn’s editorial and critique suggestions.

What feels right for me – for my poetry, my short story, my blog?

Is someone giving you advice that doesn’t feel right?

Just because some Super-Superwoman-Editor has been in publishing for 30 years doesn’t mean all her advice is good for you.


Check out Shawn MacKenzie‘s editor page.

Are you enjoying a good writer/editor relationship? Have you experienced a bad editorial experience? Are you confused by all the advice?


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