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Being grateful

Last year I read a blog or article (I could kick myself for not writing down where I read this), that we should keep a Grateful List – little notes, written on a whim, kept in a dish, cup, or on a list.

I grabbed an Angry Birds cup and designated it my Grateful Cup.

My cup runneth over!

In just six months, I have so many Grateful Notes, I had to clean out the cup.

Dont’ forget the small stuff

We are all grateful for family, a roof over our heads, a good job, a nice car. But my Grateful Notes are small things – the small things that add up to a huge amount of grateful!

I’d like to share some of my Grateful Notes with you.

So…I’m grateful for

A beautiful sunrise

I can pay my bills

New kitchen and bath towels

I have everything I need to live a comfortable life

Juicy orange

Tai food

The neighbor pushing me out of the snow, out of the parking lot

A three-day weekend

Wayne asked me to go ice skating

I can still ice skate

A warm weekend – it’s in the 30s!

New underwear

Vodka cocktailDSC02189

I can make nacho chips from tortillas

I had my office swept

A washer/dryer in my apartment

Five days off in a row

The neighbor put out the garbage

It’s not -50 today

Grandson Shawn (5 y.o.) who has guts. When I tell him, “I’m not going to argue with you,” and he says, “Why not?”

I met another artist today

It’s sunny, even though it’s 30 degrees

I found the perfect shower curtain


My son continues his service to his country

A Phillies game on FSN

The crock-pot Tina gave me

Grandson Wayne (7 y.o.) covering me with a blanket while I’m napping

What are you grateful for?


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