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Guest blog for Lindsay McLoughlin, Dear Loved One

sorrowI am a guest on Lindsay McLoughlin’s blog with one of my favorite epistles on writing and blogging, Dear Loved One. You may have read it before – I have featured it on my own blog – but if not, click here.

Lindsay was a guest on my blog recently with Upsetting the Apple Cart.

Great articles on Lindsay’s blog include Round the guest blogging world in 80 days (about her campaign to reach out to people around the world), The devil’s in the detail, Does this blog look and read okay? (origins of the word “Okay”), and as a guest on Copywrite Matters blog with Twitter isn’t quiet.

Lindsay McLoughlin (2)Lindsay McLoughlin is a mum to three brilliant little girls who are full of life and fun; wife to a wonderfully kind and supportive man with the patience of a saint; proofreader/editor/copywriter for all things marketing related; landlady to rowers visiting Henley Royal Regatta.

Connect with Lindsay on her website, on her blog, on Twitter, and on LinkedIn. To guest blog with Lindsay, click here.


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How to play well with others – your guest post

DSC01091Your guest post

Your blog host accepts your blog idea and gives you a deadline. You are scheduled to be a guest on another blog. Fabulous! Don’t simply drive in, drop the article, and drive away.

Now the work begins. Make it shine!

Deadline – Your host tells you, “Please have your submission to me by January 15.” Make sure it’s in her inbox by that date. Better if you have it to her before the deadline.

Dress it up – Don’t send a slopped-together article. Clean it from top to bottom. Wipe the glass. Scrub the tires.

Check the mirror – Proofread, edit for clarity, adhere to word count, include all the information your host asked for. In addition to the article, your host asks for your bio, a profile picture, and your URLs. Don’t make her come back and beg you for them. Submit these as attachments to the submission email.

The extrasDSC01106

BIO – Your host asks for a 50-word bio. Don’t send a two-page resume and expect her to edit.

PIC – A profile picture – Have one. Have a recognizable profile photo, not you amongst 37 cousins at your last family reunion.

URLs – I keep all my URLs in a list, so I don’t have to retype them every time.

Post Day

Share and promote – Make a post on your own blog that directs subscribers to your host’s blog. Go to the host’s blog page and click all the buttons to share it, tweet it, Facebook it, etc.

Socialize – Visit the host’s blog over the next few days and look for comments. Respond to comments. Be nice. Don’t embarrass your host.

Kenton and ShawnA dud – It your guest post is successful, great! If not, don’t go off pouting or FBing “Why isn’t anyone commenting on my guest post?!” You posted it to your blog, FB, Twitter, and so on. Let it sit for a day. Then consider posting it to your Facebook again.

Send a thank you – Even when I thought Laura’s 10th birthday party was a dud, my mom made me send a thank you note. It’s the right thing to do. Send a thank you to your host.

When in doubt, remember what mom said. Sit up straight, mind your manners, say thank you.Kenton washing car


See also Blog guidelines, Hosting a guest blogger, and The guest blog query.

This is the last post in the series about guest blogging. Are you psyched to have a guest blogger or be a guest blogger?


“The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.”  ~John E. Southard

“Praise the bridge that carried you over.” ~George Colman

“There is no such thing as gratitude unexpressed. If it is unexpressed, it is plain, old-fashioned ingratitude.” ~Robert Brault

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How to play well with others – hosting a guest blogger

Kenton and boysHosting a guest blogger can be a rewarding experience. I learn, I find new friends, and I expand my reader base and exposure. Variety is the blogger’s spice of life. And it’s fun!

Guidelines – I have guidelines, mentioned in my post of How to play well with others blog post of a few days ago. I explain these are not hard-n-fast rules, simply guidelines. I like to enable my guests to use their imagination, their own voice, and their own sense of humor.

Reach out – I don’t wait around for people to invite themselves to guest blog. I go after people I find interesting. Reach out. Expand your horizons!

Background check – Before I invite someone to be a guest, I check out their blog, website, Twitter, Facebook… Do the same background check if a blogger approaches you. Is this someone you want on your blog?

Posting date clarity – Recently, I messed up. In correspondence with a prospective blog guest, my deadline was vague. The guest blogger thought I wanted her article in February (because earlier I mentioned Valentine’s Day), and I was talking about November!

Deadline – Give the guest a specific deadline. S.P.E.L.L. it out clearly. “I need your submission in my inbox on or before January 22.”

Wiggle room – I normally set deadlines at least a week before the scheduled day. Don’t rely on last minute submissions. What if you plan on posting a blog on Tuesday afternoon and you still don’t have it Tuesday morning?DSC01197

Back-up plan – What if your guest doesn’t follow through? Have a couple of your own draft blog articles simmering on the back burner for these emergencies.

Guest bio – I like to provide a bio and links for my guest’s online pages. So, in addition to the article, I ask for a 1) bio 2) profile picture 3) URLs for their social networking.

Maintain control – Indicate (in your guidelines and in conversations) that if you feel their article is not appropriate for your blog you won’t publish it or you might require edits.

Read the submission – Be sure to read the submission as soon as you get it; don’t wait until posting day. Is it well-written and free of typos? Do the links work? If you feel it needs to be edited, send it back to the writer or advise them that you will edit. Be clear about what you feel needs to be edited.

Just say no – I hate to do this, but I’ve had to say, “No, thank you.” If the guest has broken one of your critical guidelines, ask the guest to edit or tell them you feel it’s not appropriate for your blog.

Learn to say yes! – I have broken out of my blogging-box on numerous occasions. A few times, I have read a submission and think, “Eh, not really my cup o tea.” But I sit on it, give it a half day or so, read it again, and consider it on its merits.

Blogging love – If I have a guest, I ask that they share the link on their blog and/or their Facebook, Twitter, Fan Page.

Think big picture – Nearly every time I’ve had a guest blogger, I see an increase in my comments, and I occasionally get a couple new subscribers.

DSC01181 (2)

Have you had guest bloggers? Do you have additional advice for hosting? What sticky situations have you been in with guest bloggers?

If you are a host to your guest, be a host to his dog also. ~Russian Proverb

A visitor’s footfalls are like medicine; they heal the sick. ~African Proverb

Quotes from Quote Garden.


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How to play well with others – blog guidelines

DSC01384We’re about to start a new year, and I’m developing blog theme weeks. As such, I am expecting a lot of guests. I decided to go to my own guidelines to propel this first “Blogging with others” blog. Later, I’ll cover “Hosting a guest blogger,” “Querying another blogger,” and “Being a guest on another blog.”

Open and inviting – If you openly invite others to write an article for your blog, you should consider creating your own guidelines. And then post your guidelines on your blog so they are readily available.

My guidelines – These guidelines work for me. I am quick to tell guests that my guidelines are just that – guidelines – not hard and fast rules. I tweak my own guidelines from time to time, depending on my experiences and my blog’s development.

My Guest Blog Guidelines –

I like blogs that are helpful to other writers or something that is fun and/or educational. For instance –

Blogging tips

Writing tips

Social Networking




Dealing with writer’s block

Word play

Proofreading or editing





Foreign words or phrases

Words, phrases, or acronyms for a specific job or hobby, like hiking terms, cooking terms, hunting terms, gardening terms, scrapbooking terms, and so on.

Flexible – I’m flexible. If your blog post does not cover any of the above suggestions, that’s okay. I look at uniqueness and originality, too.

Opening photo – I always post a picture/photo on top of blog posts. If you have a suggestion for a picture, I’m all ears (or eyes, rather). The final decision on picture selection is mine.image (13)

Quotes – Many of my original blogs have a famous quote at the end of the post. If you have a suggestion for a quote, I’m all ears. The final decision on quote selection is mine.

Style – I like small blocks of text with bolded headers (proven blog winners). I do not like huge blocks or text with no white space.

Word count – If I feel the blog is too long, I will suggest edits. My blogs are normally about a 1,000 words; I may make an exception if I feel the content is compelling. Please do not be offended if I suggest edits or changes.

Headlines – I try to encourage readership with good headlines. I reserve the right to create a headline or edit your headline.

Re-post – I’m happy to post something that you have previously posted (as long as it belongs to you). If you are submitting a new article as a guest blog, I’m happy to include links to content on your blog if it’s pertinent.

Proofread – I’m sort of a nit-picky stickler for punctuation, typos, grammar, but I do allow for casual flair. It’s a blog – not a letter to the President.

The f-word – I do not care for foul language although an occasional use of a body part or slang on a bad word is okay. I will look at each blog post with fresh eyes and take the entire blog post on its overall merits.

Deadlines – I require that your draft blog post be in my inbox a week before the scheduled blog post. This is to allow me to give it the once-over and to be sure I have it prior to its scheduled posting date. My deadlines are firm. And, um, I won’t apologize if you are late.

Linking and blog love – I will link to your blog, Facebook page, website, Twitter, etc. I ask that you mention your contribution and my blog somewhere in your social networking, i.e., on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter, etc.

Guest blogger pic and bio – I like to post a profile picture (yours!) and a bio (yours!) so don’t get shy on me.


Do you have blog guidelines? What blog guideline is an absolute must for you? What would you add to or delete from my guidelines for your blog?

“Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt



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