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Guess I’ll go eat worms

Photo by Gwen Dubeau

Photo by Gwen Dubeau

Have you ever had a, “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms” sort of day?

I am realizing more and more, as I grow older, that my state of mind – and the peace in my mind – is my own responsibility.

If I’m feeling down, I think inside the box. Are my down feelings my own fault? Did somebody do me wrong or were they just being peevish? Is my negative response to a situation my own problem or the problem of the offending person?

We can’t always feel chipper and ‘up’ and happy. Sometimes just feeling ‘okay’ is enough.

I also, at this stage in life, choose to appreciate every day I wake up. It sure beats the alternative.

I get ticked at people trying to manipulate me or my feelings, I get ticked if I’m feeling ignored, I get ticked if I’m not the central social butterfly I think I should be.

Oh, to hell with all that.

What I love most – spending time with the grandkids. But I can’t shove myself down their throats and be there every waking moment. I also love spending time with besties in Minot. Again, can’t be with them all the time.

I have to make my own way, make my own happiness, find joy is having my alone time, and be able to enjoy a day of reading and relaxing.

I can eat pizza for breakfast and eat breakfast for dinner and don’t have to explain that to anyone. That rocks!

I can walk out my front door on my way to anywhere and not have to explain that to anyone. Again – it rocks.

You married people are lucky – if you are happily married.

But us single peeps are lucky, too. Our time is our own selfish time. We wear pajamas all day and rarely shave our legs (too much information?). We don’t have to worry about our monster breath in the morning. We don’t have to worry about your laundry or your mess in the kitchen or bathroom. We worry only about ourselves.

So, come eat worms with me, will ya?


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DIY Editing and Proofreading, Part II on Hugs and Chocolate

I’m on the Hugs and Chocolate blog today with the second part of a two-part blog, DIY Editing and Proofreading.

Click here for Part II of the DIY Editing and Proofreading.

In case you missed it, here is Part I of the DIY Editing and Proofreading blog post on Hugs and Chocolate.


Make a comment on the Part II blog post on Hugs and Chocolate by Friday, October 5, and you will be entered in a random drawing to win one of the following (your choice) from me: 1) Free six-page edit/proofread, any project, double-spaced text, 2) Free website review and critique, or 3) Free FB Fan Page review and critique.

There are six fine and gracious writers over at Hugs and Chocolate, all of them with their own writing blogs –

Heather L. Reid

Courtney Koschel

Tonia Marie Harris

Jamie Raintree
Jani Grey

Rebecca Fields

If you like the bug photos on these two guest blogs, check out Gwen Dubeau’s photo website. Click this link to see Gwen’s poetry blog.

*** Please note: I am experiencing internet connection problems – I am on borrowed WiFi right now. My “service provider” will not get to me for 3-5 days. So, responses to any comments will be delayed.

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Editing and Proofreading Two-Pack on Hugs and Chocolate

I’m over at the Hugs and Chocolate blog today with the first part of a two-part blog on Editing and Proofreading.

Click on over why don’t cha? Here’s the link for the post on Hugs and Chocolate.

Part II of my Editing and Proofreading Two Pack will be posted on Wednesday, October 3.

If you’re in a clicking mood, try the individual blogs for the fine ladies (writers all!) that make up Hugs and Chocolate: Heather L. Reid, Courtney Koschel, Tonia Marie Harris, Jamie Raintree, Jani Grey, and Rebecca Fields.

Please also take a moment to make note of the photos on the blog at H&C – by Gwen Dubeau. You can see more of Gwen’s photos here. Click this link to see Gwen’s poetry blog.

Photo here by “aophotos” via Morguefile.


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Scenic Elegance, Photography by Gwen Dubeau

I am a self-taught photographer using a Nikon D5000. I enjoy shooting landscapes, nature, and people. I am also a writer of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry; I am driven by the inspiration photography brings to my writing and enjoy twisting the two of them together.

Red Whisper

Cold December

Autumn Bliss

Gwen’s poetry and photography can be found at the Poetic Notions blog. See her portfolio at Gwen Dubeau Photography. Gwen is generous at pay-it-forward by promoting other photographers on Twitter and on Facebook. She can also be found on LinkedIn.

Gwen Dubeau

A tiny green worm, a ladybug, a bee, and a spider – Gwen loaned her little critters to a 4-pack of blogs last July with her Inching Along, Ladybug Rest, Bee on Pussywillow, and Waiting.


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