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Winter Haiku

I meant to post some winter haiku months ago, but then DT happened…and I got my late-blooming political activist thing going.


Before it’s too late, and the snow drifts melt, here’s some winter haiku for you in the more severe climes. And for those of you in the milder climes, be glad.

*   *   *


Skiing on white caps

White out blinds the shushing eye

Casted leg propped up.



Snow shovels scraping

Driveways and sidewalks cleaned up

Kids break out snow day.



Time for a long nap

Hibernating furry bears

Roly-poly cubs.


For those of you inclined to purchase a book of poetry, my book is available! I have loads of haiku and other personal free-verse poems in this collection, written over decades of life. I hope you enjoy. https://www.amazon.com/No-Boundaries-Karen-R-Sanderson/dp/0998127604







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I’m published!



Here’s a holiday selection

From my collection

(changed slightly to accommodate Thanksgiving)

Holiday Dinner

Chicken runs round the farm yard,

Wishes he was the duck.

Duck runs round the barn yard,

Wishes he was the pig.

Pig runs round the pig sty,

Wishes he was the horse.

Horse smiles, relaxes in stall.

Thanksgiving Eve, he’ll mourn them all.


My collection includes Family and Friends, God Bless Our Military, Limericks, Beautiful Earth, Art, Imagination, & Miscellany, Haiku, and My Funny Bone.

To order, go to “No Boundaries” at Amazon.




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Winter Haiku



Icicle fingers

Icy lace accents the eaves

Let’s curl under the blanket.


Skiing on white caps

White out blinds the shushing eye

Casted leg propped up.


Minus fifty chills

Frostbitten nose and fingers

Another toddy?


Care to add one of your own? 


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Haiku for autumn



A rainbow of leaves

Orange glows with flaming red

Autumn blazes bright.


Crunching storm of leaves

Trees let go of summer

Naked branches stand starkly.


Evergreens whisper

In the dark carpeted woods

Hush before the snow.


Wood smoke curls skyward

Announcing chilly evening

We need more kindling.


When trees are dropping

Vibrant leaves dapple the ground

Then shade disappears.


From a blossom grows

Immense orange globes for pie

Cut a crooked smile.


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