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Asking for scholarship money

Request for Scholarship Money, or

How I Put 50 Years of “Want” Into a 250-Word Essay

Here’s what I came up with –

My scholarship request 

Little girl finds sign language alphabet in dictionary

Questions Mom

Mom and little girl learn manual alphabet for fun

Little girl grows up

Takes sign language class at Deaf School in Delaware







Single and poor again


Spent poo pile of money to move to Albuquerque to be near military son

Married again

Still stupid

Worked at New Mexico School for the Deaf Santa Fe

Five years

Learning sign and taking classes

Love sign and deaf people!

Got divorced

Single and poor


Interpreter dream smashed

Supporting military son and his wife

No time or money for school

Son goes to Iraq

Put life on hold

Support and cook and clean and do laundry and babysit

Family most important

Son comes back from Iraq

Son transferred to Minot

We move to Minot

Still poor

Got wiped out in flood

Used up meager savings

Got job at MSU

Work work work

Start classes

Hmmm…English major?

Interpreter degree announced


Bells Ring!!!

Take ASL 1

Love classes

Jazzed again

Earn 4.0

Want to learn more

Want to have degree

Want to interpret

58th birthday passed

Getting old

Need scholarship now!

The End.


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