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The lake sunrise experience

Rugby Point, Lake Metigoshe, North Dakota

The water is like glass, reflecting the sky. The horizon – mauve to pink to orange to pale yellow to blue.IMG_1849

I think I’m the only one up, except for a few mosquitos. One annoys me, buzzing my ear.

No traffic, no machines, and no birds, not yet. And then a water bird, sounding out a stuttering moan. Across the lake I can see a set of creeping headlights through dense trees. It sounds like a heavy vehicle.IMG_1851

A twittering bird and a “scree scree.” A solitary bird flies over. A dove in the distance – coo coo coo. Then a small group of birds takes flight, from inland and out over the lake. A line of clouds hovers, southeast.

IMG_1857Ripples start on the lake. And the surface has turned pink, welcoming the coming of the sun. More birds join in – twittering and tweeting.

I hear a pop as (I think) a fish surfaces nearby. A few ducks quack. It is still cool – sweatshirt needy.IMG_1859

The clouds on the horizon are showing salmon-colored underbellies. The sun is still behind the tree line…I watch it creeping up, closer and closer, along the tops of the trees.

The sun breaks the horizon, a huge golden ball, reflected on the water, a golden flame.





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