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A place for writing inspiration

Most boring blog photo ever

Great writing spaces

I read two blogs on the same day, within the same hour. I think the universe is trying to tell me something about my abysmal writing space.

Poet and songstress Laura LME on J.J. Brown’s blog. Laura writes at a cherry table that has been in the family for over 40 years and was once a part of her father’s studio. The table speaks to Laura – of powerful family memories and children’s laughter.

Author p.m. terrell often writes in a living room amongst bright pastel walls under the watchful eyes of her angel fish. From the desk in her office, she can see crepe myrtles, tea tree plants, gardenias, and rose bushes.

My view

Inside, the bland walls of my still-temporary housing surround me with virtually no color (except for my Phillies throw and a small collage). I am not allowed to put holes in the walls; tape won’t stick with anything heavier than a sticky note.

In front of me is a small window that looks out onto a rutted dirt and torn-up-asphalt road often full of construction and moving vehicles (trailers in, trailers out). The lawns I see are brown or weedy, some with heaps of churned up earth.

Around many of these temporary trailers are forlorn collections of personal items in a mish-mash of piles. Many temporary residents have taken to using loading-dock pallets to create walkways to combat the mud.

No wonder I’m not inspired!

A bright spot

Artist Angie Ledbetter sent me a hand-made collage last November. It’s the only bright spot in the place. It’s propped up on my fire extinguisher bracket.

Maybe I can use the cheesy crown molding

Perhaps I can use the cheesy crown molding to tack up some posters or hunks of brightly-colored material.

Any other ideas?


Do you find inspiration in your home office, living room, or kitchen? Do you have a special desk or an item on your desk that provides inspiration? Do you go outside the home to find inspiration? What colors do you find inspirational?


Karen S. Elliott was raised by a mother who wanted to be an English teacher and who worked for Merriam-Webster as a proofreader and an aunt who could complete the Sunday NYT crossword in a day. Their favorite expression was, “Look it up!” Karen reads punctuation and grammar manuals for fun.

Karen is an editor and proofreader, blogger, and writer, and a fabulous grandmother. She edits fiction and non-fiction including: sci-fi, fantasy, children’s, mystery, paranormal, western, horror, literary, historical, and journalism. Karen completed her writing coursework through UCLA and University of New Mexico, and was the winner of the SouthWest Writers 2009 Writing Contest – The Best Hook. Her writing has been featured in The Rose & Thorn Journal, Every Child is Entitled to Innocence anthology, Valley Living Magazine, BewilderingStories.com, and WritingRaw.com. She is currently working on collections of short stories and poetry.


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Musicians’ Week, by Laura LME

Laura LME  is a poet, published author, radio host/producer of VIM show at GetYourz Radio, spoken word recording artist (PoeticBeatz & VersesInMusic) and founder of ≈Verses In Motion≈ .
Laura’s most recent work is an EP (extended play) of poetry in music Absolute ° Gravityout now on all major digital stores. She is working on her new book of poetry and images, which will be published in the summer. She is also the Italian Leader of Zen Army and a Peaceful Warrior!

LauraLME and ≈ VersesInMusic ≈

VersesInMusic is the wonderful result of the unique, spiritual and artistic collaboration between LauraLME and Cass Ferre.

Cass is a talented composer, singer, songwriter, who has always fascinated her audience with a crystal clear voice and a fantastic, eclectic musical talent. Cass is a true musician, with a classical background; she wonderfully plays the piano and communicates incredible vibes and innovative rhythms through her creations.

Laura is a sophisticated poet, spoken word recording artist, radio host and founder of Verses In Motion and the creator of a few online groups (FB, LinkedIn) of Artists.

Laura has always pushed the boundaries of poetry, pioneering the depth of a new poetic style, melting musical vibes and inspirational universal messages.

When Cass Ferre’s music meets Laura’s “Verses In Motion ©”, incredible waves of sounds, beats and words explode in wonderful creations and blossom into the first VersesInMusic Album, “A b s o l u t e ° G r a v i t y” a collaboration between Cass, Laura, with the stunning photo for the album cover by Anna Simi, EP produced by Tom Cloverfield and released by Ultrasonic Music Germany, out now on all major digital stores like iTunes (click the link to listen).

Here you can listen to one of the tracks from this EP, “Whispers”, poem by Laura≈LME, Music and Vocals by Cass Ferre: Listen here.

“A b s o l u t e ° G r a v i t y” is a musical journey that will take you from the conscious parts of your being, passing through the parallel lines of your soul, leading you to the unconscious maze of dreams and to the waves “beyond” where “the invisible becomes essential”.

LauraLME and PoeticBeatz

PoeticBeatz is a studio project founded by Laura≈LME and Tom Cloverfield on the waves of inspirational music and verses between Germany, Italy and the UK.

Tom is an engineer, producer, composer of House Electro and Chill Out Music and CEO/Founder of Ultrasonic Music Germany.

Laura’s poetry and vocals meet Tom’s beats and incredible sound in a smooth combination of words and notes, creating a completely new sound that goes deeper into ears and hearts.  Soul words and “verses in motion” meet Ultrasonic Music, Words In Motion meet Notes, Poetry meets House Beats: > PoeticBeatz < 

A b s o l u t e ° G r a v i t y is also the single which gives the title to the Album, with the suggestive music by Tom Cloverfield, poetry and vocals by LauraLME.

Listen to the teaser on YouTube.

Listen to “Riflessi” Music by Tom Cloverfield, poem and vocals by Laura≈LME.

Listen on YouTube.

PoeticBeatz tracks are out on all major digital stores like Junodownload.

Laura LME

Laura≈LME (links)


Verses In Motion FB page

Facebook Group page

Twitter – Laura

Twitter – Verses In Motion


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