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What’s on my bookshelves?


I’ve got books on languages – 29 to be exact. I counted them. I excel at Sign Language, but the rest – meh, just notes. Swahili, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, French, Lithuanian, German, Russian, Latin, Thai, Czech, Welsh…

I’ve got classics – a couple of them first editions I think. I’ve got McCullough, Zane Grey (for 50 cents on an island in Maine), Pasternak’s Zhivago, Flaubert, Maugham, Steinbeck.


I’ve got writing books – oh boy, do I have writing books. How to write the breakout novel, how to write poetry, how to write horror, how to write memoir, how to write any dang genre…

I’ve got the limericks book from Aunt Agnes. I can’t print any of that here – too raunchy! But, holy catfish, did she and I have fun with that book.

I’ve got states and countries and flags. I’ve collected travel books from a lot of the states and from several countries.

I’ve got Japanese character writing and Japanese art.

IMG_0555I’ve got art books. How to create watercolor, how to sketch figures, how to do mixed media, how to do oils and acrylics and pastels.

I’ve got a Stephen King collection along with a lot of other horror.

I’ve got women’s lit, war stories, fantasy, sci-fi, sword and sorcery, memoir, historical…

I’ve got signed copies of books from Shawn MacKenzie, Barbara Forte Abate, Kathryn Magendie, Gil Effron, and a few others. My treasures!

I’ve got several copies of The Bible. And a book about The Bible.

I’ve got style guides, dictionaries, thesauri, and multi-language, picture dictionaries.


I’ve got loads of books about Wales, Welsh coal mining, mining in Pennsylvania, the Welsh in Pennsylvania (it’s where mom was born), Welsh dictionaries, Welsh recipes, Welsh hymnals, about Welsh surnames, life in Wales, Wales, more Wales, and more Wales.

What’s on your bookshelf? What books do you look for at flea markets and yard sales?


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