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At nearly 57 y.o., I clicked “enroll”

DSC00929Near my 57th birthday 

On Friday, August 22, 2014, I clicked “enroll” for my first university class toward a degree. I’ve participated in other college classes – SFCC, UNM, UCLA.

My life

I married young, had a child, divorced young. I married two more times, divorced both of those losers. Throughout all this, I had to work full time to support myself, my son. I had set-backs, loads of them. I lost or sold a lot in every move, every divorce. Then I lost nearly everything in the Minot flood of 2011.

My family

I moved from Delaware to New Mexico to North Dakota to support my military son and his family. I left a lot of myself behind, each time.

I tried 

Throughout my life, I tried to go to school. English and Sign Language classes at Santa Fe Community College, a few art classes at UNM, some writing classes through UCLA Extension.

I’ve researched and studied a bunch of subjects that interested me. I’ve studied languages – from Arabic to Welsh. Through online classes, I’ve studied archeology and forensic science. I’ve read loads of books on sales and marketing, writing, editing, proofreading, publishing…

I’ve done a bunch of genealogical research – Wales, the Welsh people, Pennsylvania, coal mining…

A firstBeavers

August 22, 2014 – I enrolled for my first degree class at Minot State University. When I clicked “enroll,” I actually teared up. An MSU rep was standing by, and she gave me a high five. I told her I was a grandma. I think maybe she hugged me.

It’s gonna take me a while

I may be 75 y.o. by the time I have a diploma, but right now, that does not matter. I made a step. A step toward a degree.

I’m a student! I’m enrolled!

It’s never too late

One of the presenters made a comment that they (at MSU) don’t want us there until we’re 65. I talked to her after her presentation, and I told her I might still be there at 65 and beyond. But that’s okay.

Because it’s never too late.

dominoesThis is my right time

I’m right where I should be. The dominoes are falling gently into place.


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