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The Trade

Inspired by Kristi P-L, USAF, Iraq 2009-2010 

The Trade

She packed up her comfy jeans 

and laying-around T-shirts

She shrugged into a heavy canvas uniform, 

now her second skin

Boxed up her peep-toe high heels and sandals

and stacked them away 

Now all she’s got are dusty high-top boots 

with heavy tread

No delicate black eyeliner around lovely hazel eyes 

Just smudges of purple, her badges of fatigue 

No long showers here

Just unshaved legs so she looks like 

the rest of the troops

Forget salon haircuts with mousse or gel 

In marches a permanent helmet-head hairdo

She strains to remember how lovely 

that last manicure felt

Handling weapons with broken, scraggy fingernails, unpolished and blunt

Velvety cosmetic powder abandoned at home 

She wears the Iraqi desert upon her face 

Late night chat-fests with friends 

of her choosing, 

No more 

Now, it’s early morning wake-up and drill

No delicate sparkling pendants around her neck

Just a dull metal chain with tags 

that identify her blood type

While mother’s comforting shoulder 

and soothing touch wait at home

She learns combat strategies and 

how to react to roadside bombs

Instead of cradling a tiny baby 

She crawls into a burdened flak jacket 

that hides her girlish figure

She rolls out with a loaded M4 and a 9mm Beretta.


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Little Zombie

Zombie Eyes by Karen R. Sanderson

Little Zombie

Little zombie, you think you’re stylish? 

Blood drippin’ down your shirt.

With your herky-jerky, lumbering lurch.

Ain’t ‘gonna get us, we’re on alert. 

Little zombie, right next door,

Tearing through their chain link fencing. 

Banging down the neighbor’s entry. 

Your inhuman strength is oh-so frightening!

Little zombie, you’re so scary.

Are those brains, gray and mushy,

Spilled upon your dirty feet? 

Don’t look now, your toes are squishing.

What yellow fangs you’re a baring. 

Gaping mouth, you’re getting anxious.

Baseball bats don’t knock you down. 

We’ll have to raid the gun collection. 

See my boy, he’s packing heat. 

He’ll use his gun to make you dead.

To his shoulder, butt stock goes, 

Oh little zombie, where’s your head? 

* * *

Caveat – You should never point any weapon at any person

– living or undead –

and should use a weapon on a zombie

only when absolutely necessary. 


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Spring Haiku

Black spots punctuate

Lady bug fluttering red

Teensy feet teek teek.

Bees bumble along 

Garden smorgasbord buffet 

Slurping sweet nectar.

— — — —

You can find these short poems and more haiku for the seasons in my collection, No Boundaries.

Add your own spring haiku in your response!


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I’m published!



Here’s a holiday selection

From my collection

(changed slightly to accommodate Thanksgiving)

Holiday Dinner

Chicken runs round the farm yard,

Wishes he was the duck.

Duck runs round the barn yard,

Wishes he was the pig.

Pig runs round the pig sty,

Wishes he was the horse.

Horse smiles, relaxes in stall.

Thanksgiving Eve, he’ll mourn them all.


My collection includes Family and Friends, God Bless Our Military, Limericks, Beautiful Earth, Art, Imagination, & Miscellany, Haiku, and My Funny Bone.

To order, go to “No Boundaries” at Amazon.




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