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I appreciate my special people

friendsI appreciate you all – followers, subscribers, FB friends, fans…

There are a few special people.

We all have that special list – special friends, special contacts.

Through personal challenges and triumphs, through writing and editing challenges and triumphs, these guys have been there for me, always.


Barbara Forte AbateBarbara – You followed my blog for years and then hired me as your editor for Painted From Memories. From your acknowledgements, “…for reading and polishing my pages as a consummate professional and then staying to become a friend.” You betcha, girlfriend.



Denise HiseyDenise – Your willingness to talk about and heal after your childhood of abuse has given me a new appreciation for what I experienced. Your blog is awesome, your friendship is awesome. And you have oft given great advice.


Elizabeth CottrellElizabeth – Where do I start? You have given me a new appreciation for my spiritual side, my connection side, my honest approach to self, and my appreciation of nature. Your hand-written note, “…this is going to be a break-through year for you…” still has an honored place on my coffee table.



Gil happyGil – I loved working with you on Close More Business in Less Time, and I learned a lot about sales and marketing. You were the one who suggested I write my own non-fiction Word Shark book. It’s in the works, thanks to your encouragement.


JanieJanie – You are a true BFF, a bitch-about-it friend, a go-to art critiquer, a friend I can be real with. You are the best of best friends. And your paintings rock!




pamela wightPamela – Your blogs – and your friendship – matter to me. Your life, your love, your realistic, honest, and appealing approach. You are a breath of fresh California air.




Shawn MacKENZIEShawn – OMG, what can I say about our friendship and professional relationship? Not enough. I WILL NOT publish without your editing expertise. And, Dragons Rule!




Susannah FriisSusannah – Your voice – and Lily’s voice – have meant so much to me. I can’t tell you how badly I want to take a wheelie bin ride in the Down Under.



tinaTina – Since the first time we went down to the dungeon at G.C., we were friends. You have been so much more than “friend” through some of the most triumphant and troubling times of my life. You are one of those rare count-on-me friends.


Opening photo from Pravs World


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