Karen R. Sanderson was raised by a mother who wanted to be an English teacher and who worked for Merriam-Webster as a proofreader and an aunt who could complete the old and arduous Sunday New York Times crossword in a day. Their favorite expression was, “Look it up!”

Karen is an editor, proofreader, blogger, poet, writer, and a fabulous grandma. She’s completed writing, art, and sign language coursework through UCLA, Santa Fe Community College, University of New Mexico, Minot State University, and she has a degree from Lake Region State College in Interpreting and Sign Language Studies. 

Karen’s short stories have been featured in The Rose & Thorn Journal, Every Child is Entitled to Innocence anthology, Valley Living Magazine,, and 

Her first collection – “No Boundaries, A Collection of Poetry” – is available on Amazon. 

Karen is currently working on a collection of horror and experimental fiction. She lives in Minot, North Dakota, and is active in politics and good trouble-making.