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I’m published!



Here’s a holiday selection

From my collection

(changed slightly to accommodate Thanksgiving)

Holiday Dinner

Chicken runs round the farm yard,

Wishes he was the duck.

Duck runs round the barn yard,

Wishes he was the pig.

Pig runs round the pig sty,

Wishes he was the horse.

Horse smiles, relaxes in stall.

Thanksgiving Eve, he’ll mourn them all.


My collection includes Family and Friends, God Bless Our Military, Limericks, Beautiful Earth, Art, Imagination, & Miscellany, Haiku, and My Funny Bone.

To order, go to “No Boundaries” at Amazon.




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Little Zombie

Little Zombie

By Karen R. Sanderson


My zombie friend, Megan

Little zombie, you think you’re stylish?

Blood drippin’ down your shirt.

With your herky-jerky, lumbering lurch.

Ain’t ‘gonna get us, we’re on alert.


Little zombie, right next door,

Tearing through their chain link fencing.

Banging down the neighbor’s entry.

Your inhuman strength is oh-so frightening!


Little zombie, you’re so scary.

Are those brains, gray and mushy,

Spilled upon your dirty feet?

Don’t look now, your toes are squishing.


What yellow fangs you’re a baring.

Gaping mouth, you’re getting anxious.

Baseball bats don’t knock you down.

We’ll have to raid the gun collection.


See my boy, he’s packing heat.

He’ll use his gun to make you dead.

To his shoulder, butt stock goes,

Oh little zombie, where’s your head?


A poem contained in No Boundaries, A Collection of Poetry, by

Karen R. Sanderson. Soon to be launched.


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On Halloween

On Halloween

Pam Wight cat

Who would ride a broomstick

As the witches do –

Straight across the pebbly stars

On a street of blue?

I should! I should!

(If mother came, too).

Who would take a wildcat,

With eyes all yellow-green

To ride upon her broomstick

Late on Halloween?

I should! I should!

(If mother sat between).


A poem contained in No Boundaries, A Collection of Poetry,

by Karen R. Sanderson. Soon to be launched.


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I experienced Devils Tower

IMG_0016There is no other way to describe the trip I took to Devils Tower, WY, except to say I experienced it – I experienced The Tower.

The pictures don’t give you the actual feel of the place, but I’ll share a bunch of pictures anyway.










Special thanks to Frank Sanders, Tina, and Stephanie at Devils Tower Lodge. Between the accommodations, breakfasts, and dinners, I wouldn’t stay anywhere else. I can definitely recommend Devils Tower Lodge, P. O. Box 66, Devils Tower, WY, 82714. 888-314-5267. If you go, stay here.

Franks's Place Devils Tower Lodge

Franks’s Place
Devils Tower Lodge


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The Lost Arts – Being on Time

FullSizeRender-6I’ve had a list of “The Lost Arts” on my laptop workspace for months. The Lost Arts are those things Mom and Ang harped on constantly.

Even though I’ve made loads of mistakes, I have certain ingrained manners in my head. All those manners speak to me in Mom’s (and/or Aunt Ang’s) voice.

So, a while back, I posted The Lost Arts – The RSVP. What the heck is wrong with people who don’t think it’s important to RSVP?

Another while back, I found this article by Greg Savage on Vitabites –

You Are Not Running Late – about serial late people. I love that he used that word – serial.

To some people, that’s what this little tardiness is. A serial offense.FullSizeRender-7

I’m not talking, “I had a flat tire, I’m running late.” Or, “My babysitter had a flat tire, so I’m running late.”

I’m talking no matter what time you agree to meet the serial late person, that serial offender shows up late. I’m not sure if it’s bad time management…or your time means nothing to this person.

Growing up, I remember my Aunt Agnes telling me if I was late to anything, I was, in effect, saying, “My time is more important than your time.”

If we are having brunch at 10:00, I usually show up by 9:50. If I am supposed to meet you for dinner at 5:30, I’m gonna be waiting for you by about 5:20. Because I do not want to be late and make you wait for me.

FullSizeRender-5I do not need it tattooed on my leg.

I experienced a few recent instances of waiting on late people. And Ang is right. It ticks me off that the other person cares nothing for my time.

What really ticks me off is meeting facilitators who decide, at the appointed hour, “We’ll wait just a few more minutes for stragglers.” Why the heck should a room full of on-time people wait for late people? That burns my buns.


Do you have a serial late person in your life? Have you talked to him/her about it?

 How do you handle people who are late, consistently?

Are you a serial late person? Do you think it’s important to be on time?


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The Lost Arts – The RSVP

IMG_2169 (1)If you have ever planned an event, you know how important receiving the RSVP is.

Do you plan for 10 or 50? Do you spend $50 or $300 on food? Do you have seating for 15 or 150?

How hard is it to respond to an RSVP request?

It’s fairly simple actually –

You get an invitation. You check your calendar. You talk to your family.

Can you go? Yes – you RSVP. Can you go? No – you RSVP.

It ain’t rocket science.

But, apparently, to some people, an RSVP is beyond their skill set.

Why don’t people respond to an RSVP?

Are they waiting for sometIMG_2167 (2)hing better to come along to take up that portion on their activity calendar? Or do they just not care about the person planning the event?

My mother taught me better.

If we had something else planned that day, we would RSVP our regrets. And stick with it.

And for “yes” – Even if I didn’t want to go to Laura’s lame old 10th birthday party that day, I went. Because I RSVP’d I would be there.

An RSVP is an obligation. An RSVP is a promise.

Old fashioned? Maybe.

I think it’s just good manners.


Have you ever planned a party?

Do your prospective guests RSVP? 

Have you ever been disappointed by a party turn-out? 



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Whole lotta liking going on

IMG_2116Have you like noticed that like when you are like talking to like most people, that they like use the like word “like” a lot?

I like know what you’re like thinking.

Karen, are you liking kidding me? Is this like what you like want to like write about on your like blog?

Like yeah.

What the like is going on?

Like think about it.

Like, really like think about it.

The like next time you like think about it, like, listen to like people you are likeIMG_2115 talking to.

You may like say, “Well, like, Karen, you are like spending a lot of like time with like lots of like college-age like kids. Like yep. But…

It’s not like just the like younger generation. I’ve like noticed it with like all ages, like all walks of life, like just about like everybody!

Before long, like, we are gonna like have to like change the vocabulary of like all walks of like life.

We’ll have …

Like Tahoe

L. A. Likers

Like Skywalker

Likey Charms

Are you liking kidding me?

That would like be so liking annoying, like, wouldn’t it?

No. I’m not liking kidding you.

The like next time you like have a conversation with like anyone, like, think about it.

And like count the times they like say like the word “like.”

Can you like think of some like “like” substitutions for like other words or like common phrases, that like would like change the like vocabulary of like conversationalists?IMG_2118


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