Here there be dragon lovers. And a dragon collector.

IMG_1148Dragon Lovers 

Recently, Shawn MacKenzie, of MacKenzie’s Dragons Nest, recognized me as a lover of dragons. Heck, who isn’t? You can see that post at Dragon Loyalty Claimed and Freely Given.

And, though I do love Word Sharks, I have to admit, in my heart beats a dragon.IMG_1150

Though the award carries with it a certain responsibility (name other dragon lovers, share five things that people might not know about me), I don’t like rules. The only other true dragon lover I know is Shawn. And I don’t really like to talk about me.
ShawIMG_1433n knows I love dragons – that’s one of the reasons we were drawn to each other. Another reason…Shawn is a fantastic writer, and I figured if I glommed onto her, I might learn something. Same thing goes for editing – she’s a more skilled editor than I am.

I am not only a dragon lover, I’m a dragon collector. Throughout this post you will see the general dragon theme of my new post-flood apartment. Yes, here there be dragons. Lots of them.

As I said, I don’t like to talk about myself. Not much.IMG_1724

But did you know that I learned American Sign Language while I worked at the New Mexico School for the Deaf?

Did you know that, at 57 y.o., I started to IMG_1364take tap dance lessons? Loving it!

Did you know that I have one entire bookshelf dedicated to foreign language dictionaries and books about writing and editing and grammar and punctuation?IMG_1656

Did you know that I have a collection of limericks (given to me by my beloved Aunt Ang) so raunchy I can’t read them in mixed company? Heck, I can’t even read them out loud in my own company, they are that raunchy. Though Ang and I used to read them to each other while we cackled like demented hens.IMG_1654

Did you know that Mom and Ang harped and harped on me to “Look it up?”IMG_0005

Enough about me.

Shawn’s wonderful books, The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook and Dragons for Beginners, can be found at

IMG_1656I thank Shawn for the honor of being her #1 Dragon Lover. And I apologize for not following the rules to the letter.


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17 responses to “Here there be dragon lovers. And a dragon collector.

  1. I didn’t know you are the “Dragon-Lady!” 🙂 Love the dragon photo collection!

  2. Dragons – and Dragon people – get to make their own rules. After all, who’s going to tell them otherwise. 😉 And thanks for the kind words. (y)

  3. Congratulations Karen. As a Welshman I have a certain fondness for dragons, especially red ones.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  4. I love this — you and Shawn have turned me into a Dragon Seeker…I now get excited when I see dragons such as the one on the rooftop in Santa Fe that I sent you a picture of. Hopefully this means I am a budding Dragon Lover. Whether or not I ever embrace the mystery as wholeheartedly as you have, I love you and Shawn, so that at least means the dragons I encounter will treat me kindly, don’t you think?

    • karenrsanderson

      Oh, yes. If you encounter a dragon…it will know. But if you do not believe, then dragons love humans…they are crunchy and better with ketchup.

  5. I have never been a particular fan of dragons…nor an enemy thereof…but I confess to liking your pictures of them. Maybe all those lizards in my minuscule back yard are baby dragons. I am careful not to chase them away or unduly frighten them. Now if I could just convince them to breathe tiny breaths of fire on the ants that are so intent on invading my house, they would have a forever home here.

    • karenrsanderson

      If you want pictures of dragons, you should go to Shawn’s website/blog. She’s got LOADS of them. Death to ants! JJ – If you want a dragon adventure, I highly recommend the two books of Shawn’s I mentioned above. Awesome reading.

  6. Thanks for sharing this Karen! After reading Shawn MacKenzie’s chapbook on dragons I remembered how I used to love dragon pictures and stories as a child. I was always drawing dragons in my early years, and created a small sculpture of one – which my folks didn’t particularly appreciate – but no matter. When I grew up, my interest in the dragons of storytime faded… until reading Shawn’s excellent story. Dragons in stories are fascinating, and the dragons we hide inside us are too. In writing, we get to let them out to play.

  7. Love the tap dancing, back to school, poem writing, ice skating dragon lover you are Karen!!
    Though I’m not particularly a dragon lover, I like to break rules too, heh heh!!

  8. A dragon just visited me in my dreams. I think you had something to do with it!
    And, um, couldn’t you share one of the limericks, Just one tiny one?? 🙂

  9. karenrsanderson

    Oh dear. You know I love a challenge. I’ll have to look for one that won’t mortify me or my followers. Perhaps in an upcoming blog? 🙂

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