Opening my robe (or, putting myself out there)

Artwork on display

I finally did it. I have created a page of samples of my artwork – available in notecard form – and it is now live on this blog. 

I’m notifying my blog subscribers first. Though the new notecards would be available for anyone who happens to trip over my blog on their way to something else. 

Scaredy Cat 

I’ve had this page ready for months, but I was afraid to post it. I’ve been encouraged by Elizabeth Cottrell of Heartspoken many times. I got a shove yesterday from friend Shawn MacKenzie. I don’t know if she meant to goad me, but whatever, it worked. 

Part of me worried I’d get too many orders. A bigger part of me worried I’d get zzzzzzzzz…..

Here’s the link – Karen’s Notecards

Be aware

This is a limited offer and limited print. And no, I’m not just saying that to whip up more interest. I had limited resources so printed about ten of each of these notecards. 

You can see details on the new blog page. If you have questions, you know where to find me. 

Future offers

I may offer large prints (suitable for framing) of a limited number of pieces later. 

Input please

Even if you are not interested right now, can I get some feedback, like:

-Do you choose art because it speaks to you? 

-Do you choose art because it matches your décor? 

-Do you choose art because it fills a space on your living room wall? 

Special note – 

Elizabeth Cottrell’s Heartspoken blog/site can be found here. Elizabeth also has an awesome Facebook group of people who like to write handwritten notes. Find that at The Art of the Heartspoken Note

Shawn MacKenzie – writer, editor, proofreader, goader, blogger, expert of all things Dragon, can be found here.


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2 responses to “Opening my robe (or, putting myself out there)

  1. This is awesome!! The note cards are lovely. I´m sure they will sell out quickly. I choose art because it speaks to me.

    • karenrsanderson

      Thank you, Darlene. Mostly, I choose and create art that speaks to me. I realize some of my tastes are not the tastes of others. And the joy of finding just the right piece to put on that blank wall – Ahh!!

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